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Free Study Guide for Kingdom Above the Cloud

It’s here! It’s here! The study/discussion guide is ready for download (below). I’m excited to share this much-asked-for resource with all of my readers! Here are a few ways to use this guide: Personal Study – Use the questions as journal prompts as you think about your faith in relation to Tovi’s. Book Club – […]

Chapter Two Sneak “Peak”

Meira stood in the shadows of a balcony on the seventh floor of a sad, dilapidated building. The neighborhood was called the Bottom Rung, and she thought that was appropriate since most people believed you must climb past it to achieve anything in life. But she had lived further up — much further up — […]

Chapter One Sneak “Peak”

Murky black eyes shining with reflected fire searched the mural for anything he could have missed. In the half-light of bracketed torches, the ruby on King Damien’s finger looked as black as his hair.  As he studied the images all around him, a dozen stealthy and agile guards stood at attention in the glittering throne […]

One Month & Preorder Goodies!

What a crazy time, friends. What a crazy, surreal, unimaginable time. I find myself sick-to-my-stomach-disappointed about a scheduled trip to Israel in May. I have been looking forward to this trip for over a year, and quite a bit of money is invested in it. I am sad that I can’t responsibly host any book […]


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