Summer Updates!

Summer Updates!

Happy Almost August, Friends! Time for several mini updates. Why haven’t you been posting? Summer has been crazy busy (in a good way)! Not a great excuse, but it’s all I’ve got for you. Time with my family, a road trip to Tennessee, a week at Pyoca, a week at Great Escape, and still working full [...]

Living with the 10%

Today's Appointment I received great news today at my oncology appointment, but only after surviving a few breathless, tense moments as my doctor read through some lengthy notes from the radiologist who examined my CT scan. How my appointments usually go: Dr. Reddy walks in, shakes my hand, and sits down at the computer. We [...]

2 Years Later!

First of all, a huge apology for those waiting for an update! I had my appointment this morning, and worried texts started rolling in late this afternoon. I have the best people in my life, and I am so sorry for making you wait! The reason I didn't post an update right away was because [...]

Another 3 Months Down!

Happy Friday, friends and family! I have had tons of check up appointments in the last few weeks (dermatologist for a full body check a couple of weeks ago, CT and MRI scans last week, and my blood draw and oncology appointment today). Everything looks great! I don't have my results from the blood tests [...]