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If you’ve been around a while, you know this blog used to be about my cancer journey… surgeries, treatment, late-night musings while hooked up to a bunch of machines…

So, how did this blog go from cancer to novel writing? It’s a weird combination. I get it.

This blog was born in 2015 out of a combination of coping mechanisms and practicality. I had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I desperately needed to grasp at the positives.

So, I called this “The Next Adventure” (this blog’s old name and domain). I decided to look at the scary statistics, surgeries, and treatments with curiosity, enthusiasm, and more bravery than I really felt. It was my way of navigating the impossible.

On the other hand, I knew it would be the quickest way to get information to my friends and family without repeating myself a million times. I just didn’t have it in me to explain mitotic rates and drug options to each person who checked on me (but I must say, I was/am incredibly blessed to have so many who care!)


For three years, this blog was the home of posts about the good and bad. The highs and lows. I wrote about medical procedures, and I also wrote about the love and care I was receiving. I opened up about my struggles. I processed the pain of losing my mother so soon after ending treatment. I wrote about adventures and vacations and new jobs and a new house.

On July 24, 2018, I announced that I was retiring this blog. I didn’t need it anymore. This “adventure” with cancer was thankfully over! And, I thank God with all of my heart that I can still say that.

Apparently the blog didn’t like retirement. 

In January of 2019 I signed a contract with Ambassador International, and on April 17, 2020, I became a published author! A NOVELIST, for crying out loud. Thirteen-year-old Maggie, lying on her stomach on the floor of her bedroom, scribbling story ideas in her spiral-bound notebook, is ugly sobbing tears of joy.

Rather than start a brand new blog to chronicle this new season in my life, I thought it was only appropriate to stay right here, where I held onto the hope that there would be more adventures to come and that cancer was not the end for me.


2 thoughts on “About Maggie

  1. Maggie, so glad to be able to journey this with you. Thanks for your willingness to share in hopes of helping others going through something similar not feel so alone or scared. You’re wonderful! Love you and praying for the health of your body and soul <3

  2. Hi Maggie, a friend of your sister’s. I think of you often and hope you are doing okay. You’ve inspired me to get skin checks every 3 months. Sending prayers.

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