About Maggie

I have always been in love with words. I love reading them, writing them, and mulling over them until I find just the right one.

Over the years, I’ve done a little bit of everything. I’ve written two of my own books (Kingdom Above the Cloud and its sequel – title still top secret!), edited everything from full-length novels to short blog posts, and even served as a ghostwriter for an entertainer/speaker who sent voice memos of his ideas and relied on me to write blogs that sounded just like him. (Probably the weirdest and most fun job I’ve ever taken on.)

I live in Indianapolis and consider it the greatest city in the world. I love my quiet street. I love the busyness of downtown. I love that my house has become the hub for all of my friends needing to get away from husbands, children, and animals. Ha!

My three very favorite humans call me “Auntie M.” My nieces and nephew are the absolute light of my life, and I live for spoiling them. I just wish they lived a little closer so I could see them more often! (Thank goodness for Facetime)

I’m a cancer survivor (I always feel so dramatic when I say that). If you go back far enough in my blog posts, you’ll see that this website started as a blog about my surgeries and treatment. I’m so thankful that season is in my rearview mirror, and I’m also thankful for all of the lessons and love that came from it. A parent of one of my former students once said to me, “I love hiring cancer survivors. You people aren’t scared of anything.” He’s 80% right. There are still some things that scare the living bajeezus out of me, but cancer definitely changed how I view life and the world around me.

I love to travel, particularly in our National Parks and historic cities around the world. I love the Indiana Hoosiers (HOO HOO HOO). I love Harry Potter and wish I went to Hogwarts. I love my summer camp, Pyoca, and spending time there each summer with our littlest campers (2nd-4th graders). Most importantly, I love Jesus, and you’ll see that in my writing. I don’t get it all right by any means. I already disagree with some of what I said in Book 1 (and it won’t be long til I disagree with parts of Book 2). But writing is the place where I talk it out with God, and I hope you will do the same as you read.