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Worried about the cost? The price of editing is what keeps most new authors from moving forward. (It held me back at first, too!) The investment is so worth it (editors put a LOT of effort into those hours with your manuscript!), but I know it can seem like too much of a hit on your bank account if you have to pay upfront. Use the link above to tell me about your project, and let me know in the last comment box that you’re interested in a payment plan. We can work together to find a monthly amount that works in your budget. (Psssst! Your first 2,000 words are free in a sample edit, btw)

Give me some time with your manuscript, blog posts, or content, and I will send an analysis and suggestions for improvement. This is a broad overview, not a detailed edit. This service is most often used by authors who have completed a first draft and need a second set of eyes to determine what to do next. ($0.005 per word)

Sometimes called a “mechanical edit,” this is a detailed look at your grammar, punctuation, and style. While I will point out major issues in content and/or plot, please note that a copyedit focuses on mechanics and not story/content elements. ($0.01 per word)

A substantive, developmental, or stylistic edit is my most in-depth service. I will take a deep dive into all aspects of your manuscript or other type of content. I will provide the feedback included in both the “Critique” and “Copyedit” services, along with detailed notes regarding writing style, plot, content, and clarity. ($0.02 per word)

Send your final draft/proofs to me, and I will check for errors before your project posts or goes to print. ($0.005 per word)

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