Book 2: Title and Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Eight months ago, I announced so many changes (new job, new house, returning to Indy), and then I went silent for eight months. Whoops!

Well, I’m back, and it is finally time to get excited for Book 2!

If you are one of the wonderful humans I have met since this move and you’re thinking, “Wait, I didn’t know she was a writer…” Surprise! I am. I get super awkward and embarrassed talking about it in person, so I don’t mention it often. And if you ask me (in person) to describe my book, I will blush and sputter and finally tell you to just read the back cover. 🙂 I am TERRIBLE at the elevator pitch. (You can read the cover description here and purchase a copy here or at any online book retailer)

To all of you who have asked for a timeline on the sequel over the last two years, thank you for your patience AND all the ways you kicked me in the pants and helped me cross the finish line. Your encouragement and questions kept me going, even as the world went crazy all around us.

Where are we now? Edits are done. Cover is designed. Release date is set. HOLY. MOLY. Here we go!

It’s not quite time to reveal the cover (which will also announce the title), but check out the blog header above for a teaser. I am IN LOVE with the cover, and I have been since the moment I saw it. I didn’t need to ask for any adjustments or changes. I am SO excited to share it with you. Get ready! Reveal coming soon. (And if you’re interested in joining my reveal team by posting the cover on reveal day, let me know!)

When is the big day? Book 2 will hit shelves and mailboxes on July 12th! Less than 5 months away.

Things to look forward to:

  • Cover/Title reveal
  • Return of the fan favorite “First Line Friday” posts
  • Sneak peeks at a few chapters
  • Character and plot refreshers
  • Some new merch/swag (especially for those who help with the launch)

Have a lovely weekend, friends! Talk to you soon!


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