January Updates!

Hey, friends! It’s the last day of January, which always comes with mixed emotions for me. I hate February (cold… damp… gray… blah), but it means we are inching closer to spring. I get to sow my first and earliest seeds (indoors) in February, and that gives me so much hope! I’ll share my new grow light set up when it’s ready. (I’m pretty pumped about it)

Meanwhile, my indoor jungle is giving me joy. No blooms on my violets right now, but my orchids and kalanchoes are pure beauty. BUT, this isn’t a gardening blog, so I’ll get on with it!

Book 2 Updates

Just this morning I received the first round of notes from my editor. This is a really exciting phase, and it also requires putting my big girl pants on and not getting crushed by critique and criticism (very difficult for this enneagram 4). I strategically stopped working on my manuscript once it was in her hands, so I have had about a month of not thinking much about Tovi and her friends and foes. Meanwhile, this professional put new eyes to it, sending all sort of questions and suggestions for making it the best it can be. I’ll be digging into these notes and making adjustments to my manuscript before we start on the more technical side of things. I’m so thankful that I get to work with an excellent editor who understands what I’m trying to do and is willing to push me further. I don’t think there is any better experience for growing in your craft!

I am almost ready to reveal the title for this one! I’ve been very excited about it, but I’ve held back just in case the title changes in this editing phase. The interesting part is that the title of Book 1 was one of the last pieces to be nailed down. I had a working title that I hated, and it wasn’t until late in the process that I landed on Kingdom Above the Cloud. I think that title was perfect for what I’m trying to do with this series, but it was difficult getting there. I could (and will!) write a whole post on the story behind the titles. Once I had the concept of why the story was called Kingdom, it was so much easier landing on a title for Book 2. I’m excited to share it with you soon!

Editing Updates

I’m just getting started on another editing project, and I’m thankful the author has been patient with me. Getting second semester off the ground has been challenging in this pandemic (I’m responsible for quarantine and isolation housing on our campus, as well as verifying re-entry testing, on top of a normal work load. Oy!), but at least for now things are slowing down and I’m able to sit down with my big cup of coffee while reviewing another person’s work of art. It is truly such a privilege. When I’m done, I’ll ask the author for permission to share a bit about his project so that you can join me in cheering him on.

Super nerdy moment: One of the best gifts from my family this Christmas was a copy of the GIANT most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. I use the online version for some quick lookups, but it is so nice to have a physical copy to flag, highlight, and explore. She is truly a beaut!

Misc. Updates

I was recently asked to read an advanced copy and provide an endorsement for an upcoming Christian fantasy novel, and it was absolutely fantastic. If you are a fan of Kingdom and want something in the same general avenue, you should preorder JJ Fischer’s “The Sword in His Hand.” So, so good. As I shared on my socials, if you like Outlander and Game of Thrones, you’ll enjoy this book. The romance and violence are present, but I’d call it the PG-13 version of those shows. 😉

The crazy part for me was even being asked to provide an endorsement. I should probably play it cool and act like this is no big deal. But full transparency: I’m totally freaking out that my name might be in someone else’s book on the endorsement page, especially in a book this good. WHAT?! Does this mean I’ve made it? Ha!

Hope you all are well! Happy almost February!

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