Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

It’s happening!

I wrote a few weeks ago to tell you that Book 2 was done, but I hadn’t submitted yet. Now I have! After submitting to my publishing house, we worked out the details and signed a new contract!

What is the title?

It’s still top secret! I’ll reveal it closer to release. Just to mess with those of you who desperately tried to guess the last one, here are the initials: QOTWR

When will it be released?

Hoping for sometime in 2021, but that isn’t set yet.

What happens to Tovi?

**BOOK 1 SPOILERS** I can’t give away too many secrets! At the end of Book 1, Tovi was safe at home after discovering Silas’ true identity, putting her trust in Adwin, and escaping King Damien and the kingdom above the cloud. Just because Tovi has become a follower of Adwin doesn’t mean she has lost any of her surly independence. She struggles to do what she’s told all while begging Silas for her own mission and tasks. Isn’t that just like us in our early walk with Jesus? We want to do big things for him, but we struggle to do the little things he asks of us. Book 2 chronicles this part of Tovi’s story.

What was your inspiration for Book 2?

So often, our Christian stories end with salvation followed by happily ever after. In our real lives, there is a next chapter. We have to figure out how to trust Jesus with our lives and follow the leading of his voice and spirit. Sometimes this is easy, but usually it’s pretty hard. It may mean a season of waiting. A drastic life change. Giving up habits or starting new, really difficult ones. Book 2 is my way of expressing this next chapter in the faith journey.

What was it like writing a sequel?

HARD. I dilly dallied over the first book for more than a dozen years. Writing book 2 in the space of a few months was incredibly challenging, and my deep fear is that readers will notice a negative difference. I’m working hard to polish the story and make sure it has the same feel and cadence as Book 1

How many books will be in this series?

Great question! I have no idea. I know the very ending of the series already, but I don’t know all of the stepping stones to get there. For Book 3, all I have is the image of how Book 2 leaves off (ugh… I want to tell you so much more, but I can’t!). Now that Book 2 is in the works, I will turn my attention to developing Book 3. If it naturally gets to the ending, great! If it doesn’t, I’ll keep going into Book 4 and beyond.

What happens next?

The wonderful staff at my publishing house (Hi, Anna! I know you’re reading this. ha!) will match me with an editor, and my manuscript will get some attention when it is my turn. Down the road, we’ll work on cover design that coordinates with Book 1. I’ll keep making adjustments and improvements to Book 2 while also writing Book 3.

How do you manage a full-time job, editing business, and writing?

Lots of coffee and no social life 🙂

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  1. Love you so much; I know a ROCK STAR author!! 🙂 So proud of you and know anything that comes from YOU is absolute GOLD!

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