Next Adventure: Editing!

Hey, friends! I have SO much to share with you that I need to split it into multiple posts. Look for an update next week on my newly-signed contract for Tales from Adia: Book 2! (Title is set but still top secret)

I promised you some big news a few weeks ago, and then life got crazy! I had to put that news and announcement on hold as I’ve devoted most of my time to managing the Covid-19 response in my area of the university where I work. This week I am out of the office, and to be honest, I’m struggling. I’m aware that there has been an increase in cases on campus (just like everywhere right now), and it is hard to stay away when I could be helping.

I reflected this morning on how lucky I am. So many have lost their lives or a loved one. So many have lost jobs and security. While being furloughed this week (and a few more weeks in the coming months) is not what anyone would want, I am mindful that this is so small compared to what so many are experiencing. And, I’ve had this time to catch up on the other projects in my life.

Projects like editing!

Editing is not new for me, but getting organized and making it an official business is. I get fairly frequent phone calls from friends or friends of friends who are looking for someone to look over their writing, correct mistakes, and offer suggestions for improvement. I’ve done this for entire novels, blog posts, non-fiction inspiration, curriculum, newsletters, devotional collections, and more.

I have come to LOVE this work. My bedside table is piled with books about editing that would be a snooze-fest for most people. I can’t put them down. They get my mind revving on all the ways I want to help writers turn their projects into something really special.

If you are a writer (books, blogs, anything!) looking for an editor, I’d love to hear more about your project. Check out my new Work with Maggie page for info on pricing and submitting an inquiry form.

If you have friends who are writers, I’d love for you to pass my info along to them. Send them to or give them my email,

There are a bunch of different types of editing (old news for those of you who are writers). I’m starting with four services that are ridiculously broad. I’ll work with each client to tailor it for their needs.

Give me some time with your manuscript, blog posts, or content, and I will send an analysis and suggestions for improvement. This is a broad overview, not a detailed edit. This service is most often used by authors who have completed a first draft and need a second set of eyes to determine what to do next.

Sometimes called a “mechanical edit,” this is a detailed look at your grammar, punctuation, and style. While I will point out major issues in content and/or plot, please note that a copyedit focuses on mechanics and not story/content elements.

A substantive, developmental, or stylistic edit is my most in-depth service. I will take a deep dive into all aspects of your manuscript or other type of content. I will provide the feedback included in both the “Critique” and “Copyedit” services, along with detailed notes regarding writing style, plot, content, and clarity.

Send your final draft/proofs to me, and I will check for errors before your project posts or goes to print.

There you have it, friends! My next adventure is in editing. Stay tuned next week for an update on my writing!