Free Study Guide for Kingdom Above the Cloud

It’s here! It’s here! The study/discussion guide is ready for download (below).

I’m excited to share this much-asked-for resource with all of my readers! Here are a few ways to use this guide:

  1. Personal Study – Use the questions as journal prompts as you think about your faith in relation to Tovi’s.
  2. Book Club – I’ve heard many of you have selected Kingdom as the book of the month in a coming month! How fun is that?! Pick and choose some questions (or discuss them all!) to help get your conversation started. (And invite me to join for a session! I’d love to say hello – virtually of course – and connect with your club!)
  3. Youth Group/Small Group – Looking for a quick resource to use during small group? Here you go! Read the book together a few chapters at a time, and use this guide for discussion. Let me know when you meet! I would love to say a virtual hello to your group!

The guide is in Google docs and NOT a PDF on purpose. I want you to have the freedom to change things up so that it fits your needs. Add, delete, or change as many questions as you want! This resource is totally for you.

Thank you to all of those who sent suggestions and questions!

(looking for a copy? Here are links to Maggie’s Store, Barnes&Noble, and Amazon)

Open the Guide by clicking on the first page below!