Launch Day is Here!

Friends! Today is the day!

It is so surreal to sit back and realize that I’m a published author! Kingdom Above the Cloud is officially out there, for sale, available to the public… So crazy!

The coronavirus has impacted literally everything in our lives, and books are not excluded from this. So, one of the weirdest parts of this journey is that I still haven’t held a physical copy of this book in my hands! (Unless you count my shelves full of binders containing old drafts… and those shouldn’t count. ha!). I ordered a large quantity of books for things like parties, signings, etc., and those are stuck in production somewhere or sitting in a warehouse. We aren’t sure what’s happening with those right now in all fo the chaos in our world. My publisher was gracious enough to rush a few additional copies to me, so hopefully those arrive soon.

For funsies, I ordered copies on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. SO, now it’s a race! Which copies will get here first? I’ll keep you posted.

When you receive your copies, I’d love to know! Send me a message or post a pic to tell me you received yours!

The best part of all of this has been hearing from so many friends and supporters. It has been amazing reconnecting with folks from all different seasons of my life – from high school, college, camps, churches, jobs, and more. I am incredibly blessed to have such an amazing community supporting me!!

If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, you have several options! At the moment, Barnes & Noble is glitchy and not letting you order. But, we’re up and running on Amazon and You can also download it for your Kindle.

Once you’ve read it, I would forever appreciate if you’d leave a review!

Thank you so much to all of you! You have been my cheerleaders as we’ve reached this day, and I’m so grateful!


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  1. Congratulations Maggie! Well Done! Prayers for your overwhelming success! Blessings, Joe Fields

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