Betas Needed!

***Update: Wow! You guys did NOT disappoint! I ended up with 4x my original recruitment goal. Due to the amazing response, I have closed the sign up form.***

What’s a beta reader? This is a term used for people who read an unpublished book and give feedback to the author. (ok, that is oversimplified, but you get the gist)

If this doesn’t sound fun to you, no need to read any further 🙂

What I’m looking for:

A group of book lovers who are willing to read BOTH Book 1 and what I have so far for Book 2. I will ask for different types of feedback for each.

If you are worried that you aren’t qualified to be a beta reader, quit thinking like that! If you like to read, then you are qualified! Your opinions will be helpful for me, no matter your age, education, experiences, or any other factor.

How it works:

  1. You fill out the interest form (see the link below).
  2. I send you an electronic copy of Book 1 along with a feedback form and other information.
  3. Once you return your feedback form, I will send you a portion of Book 2 and another feedback form.
  4. If I have questions about any of your feedback (or want to pick your brain some more), we can set up a coffee date (for locals) or phone date to chat!
  5. You will get a big old thank you in the acknowledgements of the next book, along with some swag.

Interested? Click below to fill out the interest form! There is no obligation, and you can back out at any time.