Where are we now?

There’s nothing quite like making a huge announcement about a publishing deal, and then waiting nearly four months to give another update. (insert “covering my eyes in shame” emoji)

Consider the lengthy breaks between posts over! There are so many exciting things coming, and you will be hearing a lot more about this project between now and publication.

Editing complete!

I was paired with a wonderful editor, and I felt great working with Daphne from the moment I read her introductory letter. She caught all sorts of things that I was blind to after reading my own manuscript approximately one million times. She also asked some great questions that encouraged me to dig a bit deeper in my world building. Basically, she totally gets what I was trying to do, and she made it better. I’m so grateful for her work! 

One round of editing was completed from the balcony on our family vacation to Madeira Beach, FL. Doesn’t get more ideal than this!

For each round of editing, Daphne sent me a copy of my manuscript with her comments and changes marked for me to see. After working through those and adding my own comments and changes, I sent it back to her. This happened several times before I promised her, “This is the last one! I swear!”

A couple of emails later, and a confirmation on each side that we were happy with the manuscript, and we were DONE. Holy cow. I can’t believe that my words are finalized and THAT is the version that the public will see. I am both thrilled and nauseated. 

Side note: Daphne is also an author, and you can check out her blog that lists her published works! I started reading her children’s book “The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog” with my 6-year-old niece Maddie, and it is super cute. 

What’s next?

From what I understand, my book has been moved along to the next stage of the process, which is laying out the inside of the book. There are still many steps to come: Designing the cover, setting the release date, and working on marketing. The journey is really just beginning!

One of the most crucial aspects of getting the word out, especially for a debut novel, is the Street Team or Launch Team. I’ll be looking for a supportive team willing to read advance copies and get the word out (social media, online reviews, word of mouth, etc.). I will have a much longer post about the team when it is time, along with instructions for how to join. I hope you consider it! 

More updates soon!

7 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. WOW!! I will know an honest to goodness author! I am so very excited and proud of you. People (myself) read a book and have no idea the work involved or the length of time (months and months) that it has taken! You have educated me already! Love you Maggie! 😘😘. Jan Lefton

    1. Thanks so much, Mrs. Lefton! So thankful you’re on the journey with me. Love you!

  2. I am waiting patiently. No hurry! It will happen for you. You are amazing!

      1. I can’t either! I want to be on your team! Oh wait!!! I’ve always been on your team!!! Pick me, pick me!

  3. Wow…that is is exciting! Congratulations on becoming an author!

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