A New Adventure!

This blog was born in 2015 out of a combination of coping mechanisms and practicality. I had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I desperately needed to grasp at the positives… so I called this blog “The Next Adventure.” I decided to look at the scary statistics, surgeries, and treatments with curiosity, enthusiasm, and more bravery than I really felt. It was my way of navigating the impossible.

I also knew it would be the quickest way to get information to my friends and family without repeating myself a million times. I just didn’t have the will or energy to explain mitotic rates and drug options to each person who checked on me (but I must say, I was/am incredibly blessed to have so many who care!)

For three years, this blog was the home of posts about the good and bad. The highs and lows. I wrote about medical procedures, and I also wrote about the love and care I was receiving. I opened up about my struggles. I processed the pain of losing my mother so soon after ending treatment. I kept you all updated about my scans and progress.

Coming out of Retirement

On July 24, 2018, just about 6 months ago, I announced that I was retiring my blog. I didn’t need it anymore. This “adventure” was thankfully over! I thank God with all of my heart that I can still say that (next CT scan is on Friday, and I welcome your prayers that the scan will be boring and accurate!)

Well, apparently this blog didn’t like retirement. Like an old man who has too much energy to sit in his recliner all day, he takes up a new hobby… a life-changing, head-spinning, can’t-believe-this-is-my-life hobby.

My next adventure is here: I’m going to be a published author. A NOVELIST, for crying out loud. Thirteen-year-old Maggie, lying on her stomach on the floor of her bedroom scribbling story ideas in her journal, is ugly-crying tears of joy.


Rather than start a brand new blog to chronicle this new season in my life, I thought it was only appropriate to stay right here, where I held onto the hope that there would be more adventures to come and that cancer was not the end for me.

How did this come about? (The short version)

Last fall I re-started submitting my story proposal to small publishing houses, in hopes of getting someone’s attention. The publishing world is tough, and I have walked through my share of rejections over the years. Tired of not hearing back from agents, I decided to go straight for a publisher.

On the very last day of 2018, I received the magical email that writers dream about. It was simple and to the point. Just three sentences:

Thank you for your submission. This work is of interest to us. We would like to see the complete manuscript.

I had been this far with one acquisitions editor (whom I had met at a writing conference) before, approximately a year ago. She had liked my work, but it didn’t make it onto their final list of books for the coming year. Sigh. While it was crushing, this editor sent me some truly encouraging feedback and told me to keep trying. Instead of listening to her advice, I put everything away for a few months. Then, like I said, I started working at it again in the fall.

So, with this new request from a publishing house to see my full manuscript, I didn’t dare get my hopes up too high.

And then… not long after… I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I am pleased to say we would be delighted to publish this work.”

Stop. What? Seriously?

I read each line approximately five billion times. They were full of words like royalties, distribution, publicity, and design.

And then, I sat on my couch and wept because I couldn’t call to tell my mom.

There is a much longer version of this story, starting with an idea in 2007. It includes a dramatic move across the country to work on my writing back in 2011. It spans 13 years of feverish writing frenzies and months – sometimes years – of putting it on the back burner.

But now, I get to take a deep breath and declare with a shaky but thrilled voice that it is really happening. Many more details to come.

What questions do you have?? Comment below, and I’ll answer in my next post!

Ways you can pray

So many of you were faithful in praying for me through my time as a cancer patient. I would include little lists at the end of my blog posts, giving ideas for specific prayers that I needed. I’m going to continue that tradition now, for those of you willing to support me in this way. I am forever grateful!

  • For guidance and wisdom for me throughout this process. There is so much about this industry that I don’t know!
  • For a title. I HATE my working title, and I have no clue what to call my baby… I mean, my story. Hopefully the creative team can help me, but I definitely think we’re going to need some divine intervention.
  • That reading the words of this book would help someone sort through their relationship with God, just as writing them did for me.

19 thoughts on “A New Adventure!

  1. Congratulations Maggie! I am so excited for you! I’m also sorry you can’t call your mom but she knows what’s going on and will be with you all the way! In the meantime we all will be your “mom” and you can share this whole journey with all of us!💗 Tish

  2. Hi Maggie!
    This is indeed exciting news! I love your continued reference to the “adventure” you are embarking. Life surely is an adventure, and it is exciting to go on an adventure with you through your writings.
    Keep moving forward!

  3. Congratulations Maggie! I’m so excited for you and the adventure you are on!!

  4. Congrats Maggie!! This is incredible and exciting we will certainly be praying for you!! Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Dear, dear Maggie, your mom does know—and so does your grandmother, Marie! I was so surprised and excited to see you at the Carmel game last Friday! You looked fantastic! I am proud that even if your writing has been on a back burner that you never gave up. You are so very talented and God has given you such a gift for communication and love. You will always be in my prayers! So very thankful that God had our paths cross!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. You are the bomb.com Miss Maggie! Congratulations on the book deal. It couldn’t have gone to a more deserving woman. Put me on the list to pray for you, and the list to buy your book!!

  7. Friend!!! I am so excited and proud of you! What an incredible opportunity! Praying for you and the book to bless and touch all those souls God has lined up! Proud of you!

  8. Well, now that I’ve wiped away all the tears, I want to say that I’m so proud of and excited for you!! I can’t wait to see where this next adventure takes you! You mentioned that you would answer questions in your next blog, so I am wondering what the next step is now that a contract has been signed? Also, what’s your dream purchase with your first royalty check?!

  9. Can you tell us anything about the book? Genre? Favorite character? We need a little sneak peek!

  10. Congratulations!!! Amazing! Enjoy this new adventure and we will be praying!!!!❤️ Super thrilled for you!!!!

  11. Way to go, Maggie! Your dogged persistence, extraordinary effort and heartfelt story have created this next adventure. I also was so happy to see you and your dad at the Carmel game. Your glow made me smile. Now I know the reason.
    Remember how your mom knew what you were thinking before you even told her? She is still watching this chapter unfold…and maybe pulling a few strings too! Blessings, Maggie!

  12. I cannot wait to hold this book in my hands and spend a whole weekend reading!! Can you talk more about the inspiration for the book? Maybe how it has changed over the years? I know I read a few very really chapters back in 2008-9. Did anything remain constant through the years?

    I’m so proud of you and your dedication to your dream!! Love you friend!

  13. I cannot wait to hold this book in my hands and spend a whole weekend reading!! Can you talk more about the inspiration for the book? Maybe how it has changed over the years? I know I read a few very really chapters back in 2008-9. Did anything remain constant through the years?

    I’m so proud of you and your dedication to your dream!! Love you friend!

  14. Way to go babe – you are incredible. Your mom, grandma & grandpa will always be there to talk to. – they watch over all of us. Let me know when the book is published – I want a signed copy for my girls

    Love with all my heart – you uncle Scott

  15. Oh Maggie!! I am soooo happy for you and excited with you! I am trying to do the very same thing right now and it is SO HARD. I know the Lord will use your words and wisdom in great ways. He made you for this! I can’t wait to follow along and buy my pre-order copies when they’re available!

  16. Amazing – God is good!! And yes, I do believe your mom knows…I have a brother Mark who was tragically killed in a freak car accident at 28 – right before Phil and I got married 30 years ago….and while my kids don’t know him, I believe he knows them …;)

  17. Maggie, how exciting is this!!!!! It
    doesn’t surprise me a bit! You are such an
    extraordinary young lady who has such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Whenever I read your blog, I felt like you were right there beside me telling me your story. I know those who read your book will love it. God will be with you and guide you as you continue on with your journey. I can’t wait to get my autographed copy! Love you!

  18. Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy to read your update and thrilled that the blog is back in full swing for this adventure! Can you divulge any information regarding genre or theme? I can’t wait to read your book. I’m so proud of you for putting your words and ideas out into the world to share with others! How long until we get to hold this baby…err, I mean book…in our hands?

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