Another 3 Months Down!

Happy Friday, friends and family!

I have had tons of check up appointments in the last few weeks (dermatologist for a full body check a couple of weeks ago, CT and MRI scans last week, and my blood draw and oncology appointment today).

Everything looks great! I don’t have my results from the blood tests yet, but I should get a call sometime this afternoon with those. We are not expecting them to show anything.

My scans were clear once again. This is great news! It has been 21 months since diagnosis, and a huge milestone comes up in 3 more months when I hit 2 years.

It has also been 6 months since I ended my interferon treatments. Being exhausted and having flu-like symptoms for nearly a year has given me a new appreciation for being healthy and full of energy. I am oh so thankful for this!

Recently, multiple people have told me that they went to the dermatologist because of me. THIS MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY!! So, here is another plea to everyone reading. If you have a weird spot that you’re not sure of, or even if you have just had really bad sunburns in the past, GO! It doesn’t hurt to get checked. Don’t be like me and wait until you’re a Stage 3 cancer patient (ok, that was a bit dramatic. But hopefully it gets the point across!)

Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers!



P.S. Do me a favor and wear your sunscreen and hats this summer!




4 thoughts on “Another 3 Months Down!

  1. Well with my retiring to Florida in a couple of months I’ve decided I need a full body scan as well. I figure I better get this done before I get down to the sunshine State. I am so thankful that everything is looking great for you. I will still keep you in my prayers.

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