So many milestones!

Happy almost Thanksgiving, friends and family!

Many of you have been asking for updates, and I apologize that I have made you wait! I am almost back to “normal” life, so it is hard to remember to post. The unintended consequence? It makes some of you worry!

Well, fear not! I have reached several milestones since I last wrote, and I have a few more on the horizon. All of them are good!

Another Clear CT Scan

On October 10th, I had another CT Scan. Everything looked good. I still have some pockets of fluid that have collected near my surgery sites, but my doctor assures me this is normal and not concerning.

The BIG One: No more interferon!

I recently posted that I was down to only 9 interferon treatments left. WELL, a few days later, I had a routine doctor’s appointment. When I asked him when I should officially be done, he was very laid back and said “anytime in December is fine.”

I thought about his indifferent attitude. I thought about how I was already planning to skip this weekend (I’m taking a trip to Nashville to see some of my favorite people!), and then skipping for Thanksgiving. I thought about how those two skips would mean a week and a half between shots… a week and a half for my body to start getting back to normal… and then starting shots up again only to be done a week later. I thought about the rollercoaster that my body goes through, as it begins to normalize only to be hit with another treatment a few days later. I thought about how getting my stamina back, returning to my exercise routine, and beginning to eat healthier foods as my taste aversions fade will be so much better for me than doing a few more interferon shots. And let’s be honest. I just plain hate those treatments.

All of this stayed on my mind for several days before I made the official decision. I’M DONE! My doctor told me in the beginning only about 50% of patients make it all the way through the 12 months of treatment. I made it through 11, and I am totally fine being a big old quitter for this last month. Remember: These have been preventative treatments. I have no known cancer left in my body. If we were fighting active cancer, I would stick with it.

So, when I announced on Facebook that I only had 9 treatments left, that was actually my last one! I just didn’t know it yet.


I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet, but it has only been a week since my last treatment. I fully expect to start seeing a difference in my energy over the next few weeks, and I will let you know how it goes.

For all of you who have prayed so diligently and consistently, THANK YOU!!! This last year has been extremely challenging, and I couldn’t have done it without you. On the days when I had no words, I knew others were saying them for me. I am forever grateful.


What’s Next?

Port Removal: I will have a minor, outpatient surgery on December 1st to remove my port. This is a small plastic device that was implanted just above my heart that connects one of my arteries to a quarter-sized drum.

This is an actual port, very similar to mine.


This is my scar. I’m pushing the skin down around my port so you can see the size of it underneath my skin. The yellow discoloration is a bruise from my last doctor’s appointment (they draw blood through my port at each appointment)

On December 1st, they will reopen that scar and remove the port. Apparently it is an extremely easy procedure, and it will be totally healed long before I leave for London on Dec. 27th.

Sorry, Mom and Dad… I fully intend to get a tattoo in this location as soon as the incision heals! For the rest of you, if you have any ideas as to what I should get, let me know! I was thinking of making a reference to one of my favorite Scriptures that has brought me comfort during this time. “The Lord is my strength and my song.” (Exodus 15:2). What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope it is full of family, friends, and delicious food. I will update you next week on how I’m feeling after 2 non-interferon weeks are in the books! Plus, I will use that as an excuse to post pictures of my adorable nieces. NOTHING makes me happier than getting to be Auntie M for several days!


7 thoughts on “So many milestones!

  1. Maggie, such a joy to read this post! I have been following and had you on my heart, especially when I was working at ZPC. Blessings to you in health , and enjoy the holidays, family, friends, and celebrating our Lord and Savior!! (Phil and I now live permanently in Northport, MI, north of Traverse City, been re-habbing a cherry orchard for ten years…)

  2. Oh Maggie! Celebrating with you! We will continue to pray over your transitions coming up. So thankful and grateful for your testimony in this whole process! ❤️

  3. Dear Maggie!
    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and smile that great smile of yours!
    Jan Lefton

  4. Oh Maggie….God is AWESOME!!!! You have so much to look forward to now. Enjoy your Holidays and don’t get to WILD on that London trip with Gayla!!

  5. So proud of you, Maggie! So glad you are almost done and on your way to a more normal life!! Truly a blessing from God!!

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