In the Teens!

Hey, friends and family!

I can hardly believe it, but the number of chemo shots left is in the teens! As of right now, if I do not skip any, I have 19 to go. However, I know there are a few events coming up that I will use as excuses to skip (like AU’s Homecoming this weekend!), and there is always the chance that my doctor will ask me to skip some due to blood tests. So really I think I’m at about 16 or 17 to go.

This feels SO DOABLE! And, it’s amazing how different my mind and heart feel now that I’m under 20. The end is in sight, and it is thrilling!

My reactions have been hit-or-miss. Sometimes I have almost no reaction to the treatment, besides a little bit of fatigue and fever. Some days, like yesterday, are miserable. My fever spiked several times (highest was around 102, which causes me to feel extremely cold and shiver head to toe), my head felt like it was going to explode, and every cell in my body was so achy and tired. On days like that, all I can think about is how excited I am to finish treatments and get back to a life that has 7 healthy days per week!

Even with all of the wonderful moments and times of joy, this has definitely been the most challenging year of my life. I’m looking forward to December when I can celebrate the end of these treatments and say goodbye to 2016!

I have my next CT scan on Monday (Oct 10) at around 9:40am. As always, I’d love your prayers for an accurate but boring scan. I will get results back on Friday when I meet with Dr. Reddy, and I will do my best to remember to update all of you after that! However, if there is no update, you can assume the best 🙂

Oh, and side note to my fellow Ravens out there: Come to Homecoming tomorrow! Make sure to stop by the Martin Hall booth and try our delicious cinnamon rolls, or stop by the social work booth and throw a pie at me around 11:15!

8 thoughts on “In the Teens!

  1. So happy to hear you are nearing the end of this tough journey. Praying for a good report on Monday. Enjoy Homecoming.

  2. I really enjoy reading your updates, Maggie. You’re in my thoughts and prayers………..

    thank you,


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