A non-chemo Christmas and a (hopefully) treatment-filled New Year!

While it probably wasn’t great news that my liver numbers were still out of whack, my lack of treatments last week meant a totally side-effect-free Christmas! I was so grateful to feel completely like myself, and I even had enough energy to run around after my 3-year-old niece!

Rewind a little! On December 21, we were surprised to find out my liver enzymes were too high to proceed with treatment. I returned to the cancer center on Dec 23, and they ran my bloodwork again. The numbers had moved in the right direction, but they were still too high. So, my doctor wanted me to wait until after the holiday weekend to resume.

My parents and I jumped in the car and headed out to my sister’s home in Ohio. We stayed there through Christmas morning, and it was wonderful to all be together. It has been years since I spent a Christmas morning with my sister, and I loved getting to do that this year!

Sleepy baby just up from a nap. Love how she is holding my hand!

My parents and I headed back to Indiana on Christmas. On the 26th, Dad and I got to watch our Hoosiers in the Pinstripe Bowl (on TV… We didn’t go to NYC!) All I will say is that field goal was good, and I’m so proud of our boys, especially the seniors!

Today I’m back at the cancer center. My bloodwork came back showing that my white blood cells are totally back to normal. My liver numbers are down close enough to normal that we are able to move forward with treatment (I’m hooked up to the IV right now!) However, they will do bloodwork tomorrow and Wednesday to monitor what’s going on in there.

My treatment today is only 50% of the dose I had been receiving. My doctor said that I reacted very quickly to the full dose, so he’s not sure what this half dose will do to my system. Hopefully I will be fine, but there is a chance my liver will still be sensitive to it. No matter what, I won’t be put back on the full dose. It will be 50% for as long as my body will take it, up to my 20 dose goal. Today is #6.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas full of joy and loved ones! I am so grateful for all of you and your words of love and encouragent!

2 thoughts on “A non-chemo Christmas and a (hopefully) treatment-filled New Year!

  1. Prayers continue. And I thought of you all as I was rooting for IU the other day. (Always root local.) And yes, kick was good, just not reviewable 😕

  2. It was wonderful to see your whole family together!! I miss your dad and the young adults at Carmel Jr. High/Middle School but I do like retirement! I am praying for a great 2016 for you, dear Maggie! I was cheering for the Hoosiers in the Pinstriped Bowl. I think the field goal was good too! Prayers and love, Jan

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