A surprise from my blood test

First of all, I want to thank all of you that have sent me cards and gifts! Holy cow… I have received PILES of love from near and far, even from people that I have never met. I know quite a bit of this was orchestrated by my sweet sister. Thank you to all of you! I have read every word, and it has gotten me through the crumminess of the last few days!


Blood Test Results

After making it through last week with such minimal side effects, I got a surprise yesterday when I went in for my treatment.

The nurse started by drawing some blood and sending it off to be tested for all sorts of things (I will have to do this weekly). My second week of treatments could not start until the tests came back showing that I was doing ok.

Well, the tests did not come back as expected. My white blood cell count was low, and my liver enzymes were high. The white blood cells would not have stopped me from having treatment. My doctor said that is something we will continue to watch, but it wasn’t enough to be worried.

However, my liver enzymes were high enough of that they could not give me my treatment yesterday. I don’t know a ton about liver enzymes, but I know this means that the treatments have been very hard on my liver.

I have today off of treatments again (my doctor said there was no way my numbers would have leveled out by today). I’ll go in tomorrow for some more blood work to see if my liver has stopped freaking out.

If my levels are back to normal, we will move forward with a treatment. However, from now on they will only give me 50% of the dose I had been receiving.

If my levels are still elevated, then we will have to push my treatments back even further.

To be honest, this news hasn’t upset me. Instead, I’m somewhat relieved that this stuff is out of my hands. I will continue to do what the doctor recommends, and that’s all I can do! If this drug is too hard on my body, then I’ll have to stop. And if that’s the case, at least I tried and don’t have to wonder “what if?”

I’ll update again after tomorrow’s appointment!

3 thoughts on “A surprise from my blood test

  1. Maggie, I am praying every day! Hopefully this is just a bump in the road! (Chuck had several of them). Just do as your doctor says and you will be fine, I just know it!
    God loves you and so do I!

  2. Maggie, you and your family are troopers-you are probably smiling in spite of changes. Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the little ones this week.

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