Happy Birthday, Kingdom Above the Cloud!

Kingdom was published one year ago today! I am so thankful for all of you who purchased, commented, left reviews, and spread the word. I have the very best people in my life! What a year it has been. Launching a book during a pandemic was not how I imagined it would be. (Has ANYTHING […]

January Updates!

Writing and editing updates as we head into February!

My Encounter with a Political Bully

I don’t like the term “bully” because it’s not strong enough for the tantrum that I witnessed first hand. There are plenty of terrible derogatory terms that are closer to the truth regarding this man’s actions, but I want to keep it PG. I have been thinking about him a lot in the last week […]

Spacebar: the Unsung Hero (and other more important updates)

The spacebar: I have a new appreciation for this unsung, overlooked hero of the writing world.  My spacebar was driving me absolutely insane. About 10% of the time it either refused to enter any space at all, or it added two, which triggered autocorrect to add a period and capitalize my next word. I was […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

It’s happening! I wrote a few weeks ago to tell you that Book 2 was done, but I hadn’t submitted yet. Now I have! After submitting to my publishing house, we worked out the details and signed a new contract! What is the title? It’s still top secret! I’ll reveal it closer to release. Just […]


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