Sneak Peek: Chapter 7

Queen of the Wild Range is out TOMORROW! Would you do the biggest favor in the world for me? Would you celebrate by posting somewhere (anywhere!) about your excitement for the book? Facebook, TikTok, Instagram… MySpace (is that still a thing?). Wherever you “hang out” the most. Spreading the word to your world of people […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 6

Here we go! It’s officially launch week! Have you preordered a copy yet? If you plan to purchase the book (and I hope you do!), it would be a huge help if you went ahead and preordered. Preorders boost the popularity of the book on launch day, and there is power in numbers. The more […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 5

Just three days until release day! Here’s my big ask of the day: As you read these sneak peek chapters and prepare for reading the rest when you get your hands on it, would you please write a review? Whether it is on Amazon, Goodreads, or another platform, reviews are HUGE. (Think about it… how […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 4

Happy Friday, friends! We’re getting so close to launch day! How can you support me today/this weekend? It would be a massive help if you told at least one person about the book, whether you tell them in person, over text, or through social media. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are still the most […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 3

Welcome back to Adia (finally!). It’s time to check in with Tovi, Ganya, Silas, and many others, including my very favorite character and new resident of Adia (as of the last few chapters of Book 1): Eryx. This week I’ve been sharing these chapters AND ways you can support the book launch (thank you!!). Today’s […]


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